Spring 2017 #Bloggiesta Starting Post

Do you have a blog, particularly a book blog? Time to tune it up and get energized by participating in the Spring 2017 Bloggiesta running from March 20-26. Sign-ups are here.


What is Bloggiesta?

Bloggiesta is an online party where you can get your blog organized, take challenges to learn new things, and — best of all — meet some awesome book bloggers!

My Spring 2017 To Do List

    • Look into the new features of the latest WordPress system and try to incorporate at least one into my Roberta Gibson Writes website.
    • Write and post a better author bio.
      1. Help! It’s at the top under “About Roberta.” It’s massive and boring. I’m thinking about making the beginning more personal and breaking up each section into its own page with links to them. Would anyone click through the links, do you think? Suggestions? Thanks to Crimson at Crimson Blogs About Books for some great suggestions.
    • Prepare for Poetry month in April by writing and scheduling three or four appropriate posts.
      • One done, two more in preparation
    • Prepare a wrap-up post for Sunday. I’ve been neglecting those.
      • The Sunday Post meme is a great way to catch up with other book bloggers. Wish I had time to read every one.
    • Update the Bestseller Code 100 Reading Challenge Book List into June.
    • Cross-post some reviews to GoodReads, etc. -Wait there’s a challenge at Blame It On the Books to do even more. I’ll have to try that one.
    • Visit and comment on other Bloggiesta participants’ blogs.
    •  Check out the Spring 2017 challenges for more ideas.

Time to get busy. Hope you all have a fun and productive Bloggiesta.







  1. Katrina @ Bookish Things

    That’s a pretty impressive list! I’ll check out your bio in a bit. I hate writing bios, I feel awkward talking about myself. lol

    • Roberta

      I’d rather have a root canal than write a bio.

  2. Laurel-Rain Snow

    Great list! I also like the logo you made to personalize Bloggiesta.

    Thanks for sharing, have fun, and I’m glad you could visit my blog.

  3. Steph

    Wonderful list, hope you have a great time with Bloggiesta!

    • Roberta

      It’s always good to make time for Bloggiesta.

  4. Elizabeth (Silver's Reviews)

    Great list!!

    I re-did my bio during the last Bloggiesta. I shortened it and added one thing.

    Have fun, and best of luck with your “clean up.”

    Silver’s Reviews

    • Roberta

      I’ll have to go see how you did your bio.

  5. Crimson Blogs About Books!

    hi hi! i’m not really good at the ‘about me’ section either but i do think you should split it up, maybe do one that’s a bit more personal like you wanted and about what your blog is about

    your contact section and review policy could be different pages (i’ve usually seen them as separate) maybe the section where you mention other places you blog at can be under your ‘about me’ section (w the personal stuff). the other things like ‘writer’ and ‘scientist and teacher’ i’d put under their own page, maybe a publications section?

    as for clicking them, i’d only click them if they were something i was interested in, i’m not really a science person so don’t think i’d check out the ‘science and teacher’ section but i would some of the links in the ‘blogger’ section

    also, do you purposefully not have a Like button? i was trying to find it to like this post but didn’t see it Orz

    oh and i just realized there’s two bloggers on this site? you could just stack all of these under your ‘About Roberta’ tab so ppl know it’s all your stuff (like when you hover and you get more page options)

    anywho, good luck on the bloggiesta! 😀

    • Roberta

      Wow, thank you for the great suggestions. Having contact and review policies on separate pages makes so much sense. Plus, those two should be on the blog rather than the website.

      Since I’ve never like my own blog posts, I never noticed there wasn’t a button. I thought WordPress took care of it. Yikes, I’ve got some work to do!

      • Roberta

        For those of you with WordPress blogs, the “Like Post” feature is in JetPak. The default is for it to be turned off.

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