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Early in her career, Liza Lutz wanted to be a screenwriter. After selling one screenplay, things stalled. She first wrote The Spellman Files as a screenplay, but it was only able to publish it after turning it into a novel. After some success as a mystery author, Lisa now writes for the HBO series The Deuce.


Spellman Novels by Lisa Lutz:

The Spellmans are an unconventional family (read dysfunctional) of private investigators who often spend more time investigating each other than criminals.

The great thing about the series is that that you could feel comfortable recommending them to a young adult or even your mother because they are devoid of violent murders. Plus, they feature plenty of laughs.

  • The Spellman Files (reviewed) -signed copy
  • Curse of the Spellmans
  • Revenge of the Spellmans
  • The Spellmans Strike Again
  • Trail of the Spellmans
  • Spellman Six: The Next Generation -paper back/ The Last Word -hardback

The Spellman’s Strike Again

The hardback version of the last book in the series is called The last Word, and the paperback version is called Spellman Six: The Next Generation. That’s a bit confusing if you are trying to read them in order.

Lisa Lutz also has a stand alone (so far) thriller, The Passenger (2016).


She has a new novel coming out in August 2019, The Swallows.


About Author Posts:

Because I read a lot of mysteries, I’ve been trying to come up with a better system to keep track of which novels I’ve finished. I thought blogging would help, which it does, but I don’t always review everything I read. To get more organized, I’ve decided to create a series of author posts with lists of novels and links to my reviews. I plan to edit these pages as needed.


  1. Shan

    I really enjoyed The Spellman Files. Hmm, I wonder if I still have it on my shelf – it might be fun to reread it. I’m reading Middlemarch at the moment and I think when I finish, I’ll be ready for something that doesn’t require as much attention.

    • Roberta

      Good to hear from you, Shan. I agree that the Spellman novels are a delightful break from more hardcore, serious works. I needed a respite from I’ll be Gone in the Dark.

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