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Food for Thought: Comparing Five Novels

After digesting too many serious book reviews for our Bestseller Code 100 Reading challenge, let’s ask:  If the novels we just read were types of food, what would they be?



96. The Last Child by John Hart

Hors d’oeuvres – the tension of the unknown.  You are never quite sure what each morsel might be – satisfying, horrendous, or it could bite back! (Karen)

This book deserves something wild, unusual and also from North Carolina. What about fried green tomatoes, pimento cheese, and wild boar? (Roberta)


95. The Mill River Recluse by Darcie Chan

Boston cream pie – sweet and slides down easily, but not very substantial. (Karen)

Public domain photo via VisualHunt.com

I’m going to go with pie, too, in honor of the bakery that figures prominently in the story. This novel is so sweet it has to be a dessert. (Roberta)

94. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest by Stieg Larsson

Given how much coffee the characters drink and how over-caffeinated the story is, coffee is an obvious choice.  How about espresso and bagels? If you’ve finished the story, you’ll know the significance of this. (Roberta)

Coffee, for sure.  You’d almost need a drip line to get enough caffeine in.  (Karen)

93. Olive Kitterage by Elizabeth Strout

Succotash – something good for you but difficult to swallow.  (Karen)

As a nod to the setting, Maine baked beans seems the logical choice. They take hours of work to prepare and turn out more mundane than you had hoped. (Roberta)

92. One Day by David Nicholls

Would it be cheating to go for a drink here? Dexter has a bit of a drinking problem. Plus, the reader just might want a drink after certain parts of the book. (Roberta)

‘No, you’re drunk! You’re always drunk or off your face on something or other, every time I see you. D’you realise I literally haven’t seen you sober for, what, three years?’

Public domain photo via Visual hunt

I’m going with peanuts.  Emma worked for peanuts for a number of years and Dex probably ate a lot of them at all the bars he was at.  Do they serve peanuts with martinis & champagne, or is that only with beer? (Karen)

What about you? Do you associate any of these novels with food?

If This Novel Was a Type of Food

After digesting too many serious book reviews for our Bestseller Code 100 Reading challenge, let’s have a little fun. If the novel you are currently reading was a type of food, what kind would it be?



Novel 100

The first book we read for the Bestseller Code 100 challenge was Dennis Lehane’s Shutter Island.

What food would it be? With the prevalent theme of oceans and water, this one deserves to be seafood.  Something dark and mysterious. How about mussels?


Public domain photo via pgonca via Visual hunt

Novel 99

The second novel we read for the challenge was Ann Patchett’s State of Wonder.

This one is a little trickier. What is good for you, yet maybe not completely enjoyable? Some sort of vegetable?


Public domain photo by kai Stachowiak at PublicDomainPictures.net

Brussels sprouts! These miniature cabbages are nutritious and delicious, yet leave some diners holding their noses. Personally I love Brussels sprouts, but rarely have them because no one else in my family does.

It’s you turn now. If the novel you are reading was a type of food, what would it be?

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