Sunday Post Wrap-up: It’s About Time

It has been way too long since I’ve done a Sunday Post wrap up. That’s probably because I’ve been taking writing workshops for several weekends, plus I taught a gardening class. I don’t seem to be organized enough to prepare during the week, which some of you do.  Sunday Post is a fun meme, so I’d like to try to get my act together more often.

Otherwise, I’m in the throes of spring cleaning. I rearranged my furniture, have been organizing my books (always a major task), and even cleaned up the yard.  You should have seen the dust bunnies fly!

I have four bookcases, but they are all filled past capacity. Do you think I need another bookcase?  How many bookcases do you have?

The last two  weeks:

Karen and I have been reading The Horse Whisperer by Nicholas Evans, which is the tenth novel from The Bestseller Code 100 challenge.

The Horse Whisperer* by Nicholas Evans

(*Amazon Affiliate link)

Published in 1995, it was Nicholas Evans’s debut novel. It was later made into a movie with the same title starring Robert Redford. Did you read the book? See the movie?

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I also participated in the Spring 2017 Bloggiesta. Bloggiesta is a fun way to get to all those blog projects you’ve been meaning to get around to.


Books currently reading:

The Orphan Master’s Son*

(*Amazon Affiliate link)

This novel is next for the  Bestseller Code 100 reading challenge. It won the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. It is set in North Korea.

We discussed the first paragraph for Book Beginnings on Friday.

Links to posts read and enjoyed on other sites:

The National Book Critics Circle announced the 2016 finalists. My library has copies of the two I want to read, Lab Girl and LaRose. Sweet!



Today we’re joining the Sunday Post meme at the Caffeinated Book Reviewer blog.





  1. Greg

    I think I’ve seen The Horse Whisperer although I don’t remember a lot., Might not be bad as a rewatch actually.

    I didn’t do Bloggiesta but it does come in handy. 🙂

    Have a great week.

    • Cindy

      I saw the movie years ago when it came out. Have a great week!

      • Roberta

        Good luck with your book tour website, Cindy.

  2. Deb Nance at Readerbuzz

    I highly recommend Lab Girl. It’s a delight of a book.

    • Roberta

      Good to know. By the way, your message went to my spam folder for some reason. Glad I checked.

  3. Laurel-Rain Snow

    Welcome back to Sunday Post. I saw The Horse Whisperer movie…but haven’t read the book.

    I used to have so many bookshelves that I literally stumbled over them (especially the three in my hallway). I purged my shelves a couple of years ago…actually there were a series of purges, and several empty shelves went to my daughter’s house.

    I still have two empty shelves in the garage…almost as if I sense that my book numbers will grow again.

    Now I have two shelves in my bedroom, one in my office, two big ones in the living room…and a few cupboards that have books and trinkets in them (in the dining room).

    Enjoy the books and the overflowing shelves…even after my purges, I remember those days fondly.

    Have a great week, and thanks for visiting my blog.

    • Roberta

      I was considering switching more to e-books, but seems like it would be even easier to get way too many books in a short time.

  4. kimbacaffeinate

    I’ve been curious about the Orphan Master’s Son, and yes I did read the Horse Whisper. I use to devour all of his books…now I just watch the movies as my hubby will view them with me..LOL Have a fantastic week!

    • Roberta

      I’m still in the first part and I can tell The Orphan Master’s Son is one of those books English majors write long theses about. It has enormous depth.

  5. I remember when the movie came out but I never saw it and didn’t realize it was based on a book. Sounds interesting! Great job on the spring cleaning! Spring cleaning is one of those things I love the idea of but very seldom actually do. Maybe this spring? Have a great week!

  6. Karen

    Spring cleaning? You are finding time to do that? Or rather, making time? I’m afraid that is going to get skipped this spring.

    I have 2 large bookcases and 2 small bookcases, and that’s not counting another small one just for cookbooks and another large one for all of hubby’s computer manuals. I purged books big-time before each cross-country move. And also recycle them through PaperbackSwap and use the local library a lot more than I used to. Biggest book space savings? My Kindle. Yes, it’s easy to pile on a lot of books there, but somehow they don’t take up as much house space! Nor do they accumulate dust. It’s a win!

  7. Literary Feline (Wendy)

    Sounds like you have been busy! I wouldn’t post anything if I didn’t prepare posts ahead of time, I’m afraid. I used to be able to write blog posts last minute, but not for awhile now.

    I’ve never read The Horse Whisperer, although I know it’s gotten a lot of praise. I hope you and Karen are enjoying it. I haven’t seen the movie either.

    I hope you have a great week!

  8. Jane @ Raincity Librarian

    Yeah…I’m not that organised, I pretty much write my posts the day I post them. I wish I could be more organised, but….life! 🙂

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