Whether you are preparing to participate in NaNoWriMo or simply planning to write a novel, check out our 30 days of planning and preparation posts.

General Story Elements

Day 1:  Capture Your Novel Idea

Day 2:  Start Working on Your Protagonist

Day 3:  Explore Your Setting

Day 4:  Grow Your Story with Antagonists

Day 5:  Adding Secondary Characters

Day 6:  Reflection

Plot and Structure

Day 7:  Hero’s Journey

Day 8:  Discussing Plot and Structure

Day 9: Structure 2:  Formula or Flexible

Day 10: Subplots

Revisit Story Elements

Day 11:  Character development 2.0

Day 12: Setting at Home and Work

Day 13: Setting in Layers

Day 14:  Intermission 1:  Journaling

Day 15:  Theme

Day 16:  Intermission 2:  Research

Day 17:  Emotional Content


Day 18:  NaNo by the Numbers

Day 19:  Scene Basics

Day 20:  Brainstorming Scenes


Scene components:

Day 21:  Description

Day 22:  Action

Day 23:   Dialogue

Day 24:  Thoughts/feelings


Day 25:  Summaries and Half Scenes

Day 26:  Outline or Not?

Day 27:  Ways to Outline

Day 28:  Wheres and Whens of Endings

Day 29:  Writing Process and Creativity

Day 30:  Bon Voyage (Resources)